If you’re an avid 4×4 enthusiast who loves adventures with family and friends, then you’ll know that there’s a legion of different 4×4 products and accessories that can make your trips safer and more comfortable. Where you’re headed will play a large role in the type of 4×4 products you’ll need, however there’s some 4×4 essentials that will suit any type of trip and ensure you and your family/friends return home safely. After all, safety is the number one priority when heading out of the city, as being broken down or injured in the outback can sometimes take days for help to arrive. Assuming you have all the emergency supplies and equipment you may need, let’s take a look at the top 5 products you should buy for your 4×4 to enhance the comfort and convenience of your weekend getaways.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are an absolutely essential item for 4×4 driving. Not only do they provide protection against wildlife that might spring in your path, but they also offer heaps of spots for other accessories such as spotlights, aerials, light bars, and winches. Bull bars come in a range of sizes of materials and also provide protection for accidental collisions with other vehicles. If you’re a serious 4×4 adventurer, then having a bull bar is the first 4×4 product you should be considering.


While stock suspension is customary, there’s a myriad of aftermarket suspensions that suit all different types of terrain and conditions. Not only will aftermarket suspension increase your load capacity, but it will also make your trip more comfortable, increase the lift to assist in uneven terrain, and allow your vehicle more body roll. The only problem is that there’s so many to choose from! Some things you’ll need to consider include your budget (obviously), the most appropriate springs for your individual 4×4, and the most suitable shocks for the type of terrain you’ll be covering. It’s always best to speak with your local suspension specialist to ensure you’re getting the right suspension for your vehicle and needs.

Roof Racks


While 4×4’s have plenty of storage space, you’ll be surprised as to how quickly this space will fill when your whole family is heading out of town for a week. Roof racks allows you to carry some of the bigger, bulkier items that would take up too much valuable space in your vehicle. You need to be careful not to overload the roof racks with too much weight though or it will compromise your centre of gravity. Roof racks are also very convenient in the city. If you’re needing to transport some dirty loads or buying some big items from the hardware store, roof racks provide the convenience of easily transporting items that don’t fit in your car.


When heading off-road, you’ll need extra perspective that stock lighting simply doesn’t provide. Being able to see further and wider is a big advantage in terms of safety and providing you with a more relaxing driving experience. LED/HID spotlights and light bars are excellent, affordable 4×4 products that will substantially increase your visibility and provide you and your family with additional security when driving off-road in the dark.

Portable Fridge

While it’s not an essential 4×4 product, having a cold beer after a long day’s drive is certainly a comfort we can all envision. Getting out of the city into a beautiful nook of the bush is great, but we don’t need to leave every comfort behind. Having a 12V portable fridge is an excellent way to make your trip more comfortable and relaxing, especially if you have kids with you. Nobody likes drinking warm liquids, let alone pretending to enjoy it, so a 12V fridge is the perfect way to bring a little bit of comfort that goes a long way.

There’s nothing better than getting out of town for a few days and enjoying what our beautiful country has to offer. Of course, the most important part of your journey is getting home safely, so ensuring you have adequate supplies, medical equipment, and other emergency appliances is absolutely necessary. But if you’re looking at making your trip more comfortable, safer, and relaxing, then the products outlined above are a great start for any 4×4 enthusiast.

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