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Introducing the brand new HSP Armour Bar

For drivers who appreciate a nice rear end” – HSP 4×4 Accessories 2022

Welcoming HSP’s new addition to their product family is the HSP Armour Bar Sports Bar . These new armour bars are a lightweight alloy with an anti-rust design. any non-alloy part is powder coated black to prevent any rust or are coated in a rust preventative. The Armour Bar’s rear legs start from the middle and curve out towards the rear. This not only looks great but gives you the ability to centre mount lightweight accessories such as spotlights (please check with your state legislation prior to installing any lights on your vehicle.) These bars have a premium powder coated finish to look nice and match the asthetic of any 4WD ute on the market! These are a must have for your brand new 4WD.

The Armour Bar looks fantastic on any dual cab naked tub. However, for anyone who has a HSP Roll R Cover S3 and above, we now have a mounting kit to adapt your Armour bar on. Each bar has been specifically designed to sit perfectly in line with your cabin.

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